Thank you Jason!

I'm happy to announce Jason Carpenter of San Diego, CA has joined Team Anadyr as lead dog Ruby's sponsor!!  Jason has also very generously sponsored the entry fees for the AK Excursions 120 and the Aurora 50/50, two early season races that factor majorly into our Iditarod training plan. Thank you so much Jason!!

A little about Ruby:   Ruby was my main leader last season and heads up my front end this year as well. She is a stellar little dog with lots of heart, a REAL lead dog. I don't believe you can "make" lead dogs. A dog may run up front & take commands, but their true test as a leader comes when the going gets tough. Real lead dogs will keep driving forward, no quailing about it, regardless of weather, temperature, or fatigue.  Ruby is incredibly driven & hardworking. I wouldn't have been able to do anything I did (like qualify for Iditarod) without her.  She has quite the personality. She's a goofy girl who's always happy. She regularly excavates a ditch around the circumference of her circle.

Side note: She has done extremely well on Underdog 30-20. Her burnt out coat came in incredibly sleek and soft this summer. Her former rat tail tail is now downright luxurious. It's amazing actually, and makes her that much nicer to cuddle :)

Welcome to the team Jason!

Note Ruby's bushy rat tail sticking up last fall. 
Good little camper. 
Leading one of many training runs.
Ruby & Victor. I must have been holding a snack bag over their heads to get those looks.
Kozy & Ruby with the Talkeetna mountains covered in alpenglow in the background. Pretty sure I was holding a bag of treats here too as I see perked ears all the way to wheel...
Ruby & Robber breaking trail. 
What a lovely day this was.
Ruby having a roll in the snow. 
Happy dogs. 
Ruby ready for a spring picnic. See the rat tail's still there.
Ruby loves hopping on her dog house. Note her handiwork (the ditch) in the background.
Starting fall training off right with Ruby in lead. 
Ruby relaxing post-run. Note her beautiful soft grey coat and thick tail! 

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