Dog Sponsor: Peak to Peak Working Dogs Association !


A big THANK YOU to Colorado-based Peak to Peak Working Dogs Association for sponsoring Frigg! 

Frigg is a handsome boy. In fact, he was the model for the 2014 Team Anadyr Iditarod Logo! His striking features combine with a even keeled personality to make for a pretty steady team dog. He is a ladies man and screams for any girls that might be in heat. Frigg is one of the fluffier dogs in the kennel. His fine, thick coat keeps him nice and warm throughout the Alaskan winter. He is a fan favorite, but ironically enough, avoids being petted by strangers. He really only likes you if you are there to hook him up. He's a serious dog who loves nothing more than to RUN. 

Thank you, Peak to Peak, for your support of Frigg & Team Anadyr!!

Pretty boy.
Chilling in the sun on the 2013 Northern Lights 300.
Camping on the Yentna River.
Resting with his buddy Doc. haha look at Major conked out behind them :)
Furry Frigg in the summer. 



I got an email a couple weeks ago from Nick, an armchair mushing enthusiast who had seen my post about Rob's chocolate sponsorship and was wondering if I would accept cookies as well.  Ummm....... YES.  So I responded, and he sent me an email saying he'd send some up, and promised that I've "never ever had cookies like these before." Hmmmmm. OK.  While I briefly wondered if the cookies he was sending were going to be legal, they turned out to be totally legit, gigantic, and delicious!! These cookies were huge! They probably weighed a pound a piece (I have to admit I ate them all before I thought to actually weigh them).  Thanks so much Nick!  These kept me going on some long cold December training runs!

what a nice surprise! 

sock sponsor!

A big thank you to Janet Sweeney & Scott Brown, who have provided me with enough pairs of socks to run Iditarod with!! Dry socks for every run! Warm dry feet = a good time. THANK YOU Scott & Janet!! 

If anyone else is also interested in becoming a sock sponsor, please contact me! Socks are needed for daily life, the Northern Lights 300  & Tustemena 200 as well :)   I am especially in need of hand-knit wool socks. I use these when it gets REALLY cold, like -30F/-40F cold ! 


last run of 2013

THE TEAM ON 12/31/13:
The team on the move... headed towards an exciting new year !