yay for Fezzik!

Fezzik, Spring 2013.

Thanks to a collective effort headed by Hyls & Nies Heeringa from the Netherlands, my handsome brown dog Fezzik has been sponsored! Folks from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, and Denmark all contributed to a fund for Fezzik. First to sponsor booties for his feet, and then enough to sponsor the whole dog for Iditarod :)


M.de Jonge, G. de Bie, R.J.Swinkels, E.Visser, F.Hellwich, B.Bergsma, J.Derksen, H.Schipper, H.v.d.Berselaar, E.de Boer, L.Keur, H.v.d.Sleen, M.Muller, F.v.d.Laan, H.Heeringa, P.Beedham, I.Wittemann, H.Rauhama, M.Pedersen/Denmark, & A.Match.

Thank you all so much for your contributions

A little about Fezzik:  Fezzik is a charmer! He is big and brown and sweet, with gorgeous almond eyes. Fezzik is an extremely hard driver and a solid team dog. Very, very strong. He can run anywhere in team. Fezzik likes to dance with paws waving at the very end of his chain until it's his turn to be hooked up. I usually hook him up next to last because he is so crazy to go, amps everyone up, and tends to chomp at all the lines. I have high hopes Fezzik and his equally steady nephew Frigg will be two of the final sixteen selected to go in March.

Fezzik is very photogenic, apart from his ears, which always seem 2x bigger than in real life. 
Happy boy.

Fezzik in swing.


Puppy walk

Mucking around in the swamp.

Bike, the little suck-up, is the first to come running when you call.

Pea, Mygga & Svidd

Ripe for the picking. 

Puppy goes swimming. Didn't mean to though! 


** SOLD ** framed print

A big thank you to Dave & Barb Totten at Wildlife North Art Gallery! Dave put an original remarque on the remaining Artist's Proof print and to top it all off, put a beautiful frame on it.

The frame, lightly tinted blue, and dark blue matting combine to bring out the rich colors of the print, especially Major's sweet little blue booties. Lots of bold primary colors for a winter scene! Yellow straw, blue boots & red harnesses :) Love it.  It's signed by myself & Dave.

All proceeds go directly towards my Iditarod run. In fact, they'll probably go straight towards booties. I need a couple thousand booties. Booties cost $1 each.

The framed print with original remarque is available for $300 (that's 300 booties!) and can be purchased here:


It costs $35 to ship within the US. If you live outside the states and are interested in the print, contact me and I can get you a shipping quote.

Close up.

Original remarque.