summer faded to fall...

fall turned to winter... and I finally got my computer back (sans pictures, music, or microsoft word).

here's a good summery of the summer....

not my dog, not my pack, not my picture but a variation of the theme.

School is going well in Fairbanks, 3/4 through the semester already. Planning for next spring... 12 credits and lots of ski trips. 

Guro will be coming in January. Eline and her students will be here in February and plans are for a 12 day ski trip in the White Mountains north of Fairbanks. 

I'm living by the Tanana River in a waterless cabin with a childhood friend and my cat. We had a dog, Eby's Red but she flew to Colorado last weekend to be with her family and live more of a sled dog life then us two students could give her. Fall was full of yellow and orange and Fairbank's dark green swamp spruce... some of my favorite colors. 

Winter began in the middle of October with heavy snow (for Fairbanks) and temps in the negatives. 

....here's a summery of the fall and so far, the same applies to the beginning of winter.