::: Iditarod 2014 :::

Big news!! I am signing up for the 2014 Iditarod this weekend! Thank you SO much to those of you who helped me make the entry fee... your support is so VERY much appreciated !!!

xoxo Lisbet & Team

Writing the check for the entry fee --- a big THANK YOU to those who helped make it happen !


summer days

Summer has arrived in full swing, bringing with it record hot temperatures and swarms of mosquitos. I've been working hard--- at the store, on the blog, planning the Willow Dog Musher's Symposium, keeping up with the dog lot, watering the dogs as needed (twice a day on some of these 80F+ days) and  of course, drinking beer. Kristin and I went swimming the other day in her pond...although if I had had it my way, I would have taken my clothes off first.... I kinda fell in..... but it felt fantastic !

I was in Talkeetna last weekend... it was over 90F while I was there (!!). I picked up my t-shirt design from Dave Totten... I am really excited about it!  I just have to go visit the printer and place my order. Went swimming in Talkeetna too (intentionally this time). It's really the only thing you can do to combat 90+ degrees. The ponds and lakes heat up and feel absolutely lovely. That's AK summers for ya.

I'm traveling to Norway next week for the wedding of my best friend Eline, and will also pick up two yearling girl dogs in Northern Finland. My friend Allison is coming with me. She's never been to Norway, so I get to play tour guide. We plan on doing lots of hiking, and I think it's going to be really fun to have the dogs along :)  Gleder meg skikkelig!

Flowers have started appearing.
Gabby on a hot summer day. 
Downtown Willow. 
Pea at the Aurora Dog Musher's clubhouse.
Backseat driver.
What a horrifying sight to wake up to. 

What autocorrect suggests when I try and type "Iditarod." hmmmmmm
Oh my gosh I am so happy here because I figured out where the window screens were and installed them.  Life is good again.
I just can't get over how super cute Pea is when inside a vehicle. 

search results

Blog statistics can tell me what keywords were entered into a search engine that then led someone to my blog....

"Lisbet kissing" !?!??   what ??   


An nice article by Craig Medred remembering my Grandfather shortly after he passed away. I wanted to re-post the whole thing, but without written permission from ADN (which I'm not going to bother to get), would be infringing on their copyright. 

Mushing legend Earl Norris was an Alaskan to the core (click to view article)

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2001/11/10/278753/mushing-legend-earl-norris-was.html#storylink=cpy


odd couple

Pea and her new buddy Sam

Sam & Pea enjoying the beautiful day.

Pea's smiling in this one, and I think Sammy is too?? :)


in which pea finds some ducks & lisbet is baffled.

Pea in the swamp.
A winter trail runs here.
Pea duck hunting.
Looks like the dock survived the winter.
aggh... i'm confused... blueberry flowers? bearberry flowers?
Bog Rosemary.
Cause I thought these were blueberry flowers......  ugh, where's my plant book?
Cottongrass?  Nope, still shedding season for Pea.
Oh, I love our swamp spruce. 
Pretty pond in the woods.
Green carpet is starting to come up in the woods.
Whoops-- too late for fiddleheads.  Oh well. 
Took a picture of this spot to remind myself to go back in August and collect all these cloudberries. The cloudberries in this swamp remind me of my Norwegian grandmother who was so excited to go out and pick them when she visited--- Norwegians love moltebaer and picking cloudberries in some parts of Norway is akin to combat fishing. 


supporting Team Anadyr

It has been eleven years since a Siberian Husky team from Alaskan Kennels approached the start line of the Iditarod (Nikolay Ettyne in 2002). With your support, Alaskan Kennels/Anadyr Siberians will once again be able to  field a top-level AKC registered Siberian Husky race team in the Last Great Race on Earth---Iditarod

Fielding an Iditarod race team takes determination, hard work, dedication, a love of dogs, but above all, teamwork. My kennel budget is set up so that I can provide the dogs with top-quality kibble and meat year round, but racing adds additional expenses that are greatly off-set by the support and generosity of team sponsors.  

Our first hurdle in the journey towards Iditarod 2014 is the $3000 entry fee.  Then there are a myriad of other costs associated with the big race that we face as the season progresses (gear, postage, booties, food, dog snacks, etc.) 

I am working hard to provide the most I can for my team, but I appreciate any and all help. Although there are different levels of sponsorship, I welcome contributions of all kinds---cash or in kind. In return for their contribution, team sponsors can expect to receive a token of thanks from the kennel.

Sponsorship packages are available under the "Join Team Anadyr" Page at top right. I would also be happy to organize a customized package for interested parties. Please contact me at lisbet@underdogfeeds.com if you have any questions and/or are interested in further supporting Anadyr Siberians in the 2014 Iditarod.

Thank you
Please consider contributing to the team. Your generous support will make it possible for us to reach the start line in March. Thank you so much!

xo Lisbet & Team


dog is my co-pilot

At work.
In the truck.
In the car.
And in the truck again.