I recently attended a class at Mat-Su college titled "Edible Wild Greens."  We went over a lot of the plants and berries available for harvest and consumption in the Valley. Most of the plants---such as fiddleheads--- are only edible if picked as new growths in the springtime. Poking around the woods the other day, I came across a small field of fiddleheads on the upper banks of Lily Creek. I've never eaten fiddleheads before, so I picked a small amount and planned to cook them up as a side dish for that night's supper with Grandma. I washed them, dried them and sautéed them up in a little olive oil until tender. We ate them with chicken and au gratin potatoes. And...?  I was unimpressed and a little disappointed. They were more bitter than I expected and certainly did not match up with the rave reviews the plant ladies at the Wild Edibles class gave them. These ladies were practically drooling just talking about eating these things.  Maybe I should have fried them in butter?  Well.... after a little bit of research, I determined the fiddleheads I collected were Ostrich Ferns AND I did not prepare them properly, which might account for the taste.  The brown papery covering on the plants was to be removed---something I did not do.  The fiddleheads were certainly edible---but I found them more tasty when covered in cheese sauce than not. And I LOVE green things---asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc. etc.  So, I'll go scouting for more fiddleheads the next time I'm out and give them another go.

I found this page:  http://plants.alaska.gov/publications/pdf/Fiddleheads.pdf   helpful in identifying my fiddleheads. There are quite a few good books on edible wild plants in Alaska; I plan on ordering a few.


swamp girls

80F and sunny yesterday after work. I felt like taking a walk, so I grabbed my boots and ice water and  trudged around in the swamps and woods north of the house with Pea and Linnea for a couple hours. We came around the backside of L-shaped lake and surprised a pair of loons. The air rising off the swamp moss was so warm and the lake looked so cool and refreshing, but a dip will have to wait for a couple weeks as the lake is literally cold as ice.

Linnea & Pea

one of our winter training trails.
Linnea dips her toes into L-shaped lake.
swamp girls
a lovely bog.
found some bear poop. reminded me that our neighbor got charged by a mama bear on the other side of the lake a few years ago. will be bringing bear spray next time.
 ice deep in the woods.
Pea ripping around.

good girls.
look what i found!  a shed moose antler, not far from home so i carried it back.


may 24

The day the trees budded out. 60 degrees and sunny. I can say with some conviction that summer is finally on its way.

spring green.

Rhubarb & Tulips.

Peanut and her prize.

It doesn't get dark anymore; the sunset lasts all night.

Bran muffins for breakfast.



at work

Pea at work.
Pea has parti-colored eyes.
We carry the full line of Alaska Mill & Feed Animal Foods---made right here in AK.

Bailey Farm's Beef --- honestly the best beef available !
Fuels some of the best sled dogs in the world -- distance & sprint.
The photo is black & white, but we do have every color rope you can imagine... fuchsia to neon green and everything in between !
16 strand is the "new normal" Sorry 8 strand fans. 
We carry the full line of Taiga Harnesses---made in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Made-in-AK collars.... the most durable long lasting collars you can get----guaranteed ! 
Team Anadyr is powered by Underdog 30-20 and Bailey's beef. The dog on the label is Norm. 
Dogs love pig ears!
My girl Wilma.... on display for the summer. 

17 May

I may have spoken too soon. 


happy spring !

Yes!! Spring is here....! The snow is disappearing fast and the dog lot is drying up just as quick. I've been baking, celebrating, cleaning & enjoying warmer temperatures. Wore shorts today!

Baking shortbread for my mama.
Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day ! 
Spring cleaning...replacing rusty water cans with new (bright & colorful) cans.

Blackie Lou

Coats are blowing out....this furry beast is Fox.

Hardly any snow left in the yard.

Father to Daphne (on my team),  Dana (on Dad's sprint team), and Circleline (on Rob Cooke's Yukon Quest team)
Super stud Cowboy. 


a lovely evening at howling dog farm

headed out now to go feed dogs... hoping the bear or whatever creature was lurking around last night isn't still around !