kickass banana bread

yum !
(+ hot blueberry wine from Nuremberg -- mmm)


alta bound

ser ut at eg skal til alta i sommeren !

looks like i'm going to alta this summer !

...to work with dogs + work on my norwegian.


end of story

Long story short, tuffy and nitsii ran away(on T's initiative, Nitsii was just along for the ride). saw them bolting down the mountain side and RAN after them. Allison and I ran and ran, calling Nitsii, calling Nitsii. Ran far down the mountain before I heard some panting and saw the dogs through the brush. Lunged after them, Tuffy tried to skip away but I caught them, so relieved. It's one thing to lose my own dog for being dumb enough to let him off the leash when I knew he couldn't be trusted, but Nitsii too? If she hadn't listened we probably would never have found them again. Lesson learned.

Tuffy pulls like a champ! You should have seen him haul me and Grandma's christmas tree this year! Draining when trying to decend steep mountaintops on foot but tomorrow we'll stick to the flats, skijoring either in the valley or along the river. River will probably have more sun.