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The most important training the team will get in preparation for Iditarod 2014 will be RACE TRAINING. We plan to enter a few local mid-distance races in order to give the dogs race experience; practice being out on the trail with unfamiliar teams, navigating checkpoints, and most importantly, resting in checkpoints. This can be a hard lesson for some dogs to learn. For example, Doc may say: why do THEY get treats & kibble right now and not ME?? HE'S not eating it, why can't I EAT IT?? Why is it ready for THEM to go, but not US??  Et cetera.....  They need to learn to rest when given the opportunity and racing is really the only way to do so efficiently.  Racing also gives me, the musher, opportunity to practice my checkpoint routine and develop good habits, such as taking care of myself, eating, drinking, even when cold & tired. Racing can also be used to gauge yourself & your team against the rest of the field early in the season. Last year in the Northern Lights 300, I saw that my dogs were pretty underpowered compared to the rest of the teams, so after the race, I made adjustments in my training plan to address that, and I kept it in mind now that we're fall training, too. 

We plan on entering four races this season: AK Excursions, Aurora 50/50, Knik 200, and the Northern Lights 300. To learn more about theses races, click on the links below.

Alaska Excursions 120
Aurora 50/50
Knik 200
Northern Lights 300

Participating in local races is an important stepping stone on our journey towards Iditarod, but it's an expensive one that stretches my kennel budget thin at an inopportune time of year (I guess there is no good time to be broke, but early winter is especially harsh:) ). Race expenses include entry fee, food and snacks for the dogs, fuel to melt snow to prepare their meals, runner plastic & musher food & drink. 

If you would like to help the dogs and myself gain some valuable race experience this season, please consider helping us out with some entry fees.  Registration for all but Aurora 50/50 opens on October 1st. These races have proven to fill up quickly, so to avoid being waitlisted, I hope to sign up as soon as possible. This equals $850 in entry fees due October 1st. 

Would love & appreciate any help!  

Donations can be made by clicking the picture of the Iditarod Start Line at top right, or by purchasing one of the entry fees via my webshop:  http://lisbetnorris.blogspot.com/p/store.html#!/~/product/category=6668525&id=28232636

Thanks for your support!!   xo Lisbet & Team

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