training pics + update

Lead dog Rask. Rask means Fast in Norwegian ;) 
Cuties Frieda and Lovely.
Big boys Robber and Goofy. Love bugs, both of them. 
Daphnie and Papas with a smile. 
Hi Sneezy!
Big puddles on account of all the rain.
From one of the wetter days last week.
The trails filled up with puddles.
Wet and muddy Pelle & Frig.
Rask relaxing in the grass post-run.
Line-up for the day.
Some flood pics of Willow Creek:

It's been wet in our neck of the woods! The rain has been constant. The Southcentral region of Alaska has experienced four or five storms in less than two weeks. The rivers and creeks are flooding, cutting off roads and breaking bridges apart. Talkeetna was evacuated after the Susitna River backed up the Talkeetna River and breached the town's levies. The creek that runs through our property, Lily Creek is as big as I've ever seen it. Up over the banks and streaming through the willows. Pretty incredible. Our kennels are on high ground and not in any danger of flooding but my thoughts are with the mushers on the Kenai and in Talkeetna who have been flooded out. Strange weather! The temps have been high, too. 61 degrees the other day! At the end of September. 

Training is going well, if wet. I am trying to figure out an appropriate training schedule and set some goals for the race season.


evening runs

The days are getting shorter and the nights have been clear and cool. Grandma is letting me use her Ranger side-by-side for fall training. It's as wide as a car but has a huge benefit over a 4-wheeler in that I may avoid the possibility of a frozen thumb this fall. Always a good thing. 

Frigg and silly Sleepy.
Isa always ready with a smile.
Bashful and Robber making fog.
Rask running in single lead.

The musher.
The dogs and the Ranger.



Excited and ready to go train dogs.
I ran two ten dog teams by myself last night. It was raining hard, and cool. The dogs worked hard, pulling the machine through the grassy fields and leafy woods to the turnaround and back again. Even in the rain they get pans of water at the end of the run. They gulp it down quickly and wag their tails as I walk by. The batteries in my headlight were old and the light was too dim to work by so I keep the machine running as I hooked up and unharnessed. I fed the dogs and went home wet but happy.