a few fall training pics & a dog box update

Fall training is off to a good start!  Although we have yet to see a frost (or, unlike Fairbanks, snow (!) ) temps have started to cool off. Going about three miles now & will bump it up tonight. Due to my living situation, my fall training (actually, all training) last year was somewhat inconsistent, so it was important for me this year to make a schedule and stick with it. So far so good. The dogs are running about five days a week.  It's fun to be back out with my buddies!

first photo of fall training ! 
Pea thinking she's a lead dog. 
Starting off right with Ruby girl in lead. 
Old man Kozy (9) still going strong. Robber & Daphne in swing.
Shipping T-shirts all over the world--thank you so much for your support!! 

Little girls in lead: Linnea & Ruby. 
Post-run Pelle, Robber, Fezzik, Linnea & Daphne
Fall colors are appearing.
Ruby relaxing in the autumn sunshine.

Training whether it's night or day.
Talkeetna! View from the lodge deck. 
Sunset @ the Lodge.
Dog box update: 
Finishing off my dog doors. Stained them white and all that remains now is to screw them on the box. 

Loading the box on the truck.
Who needs a man when you have a comealong? 
Almost up! Will take pictures of the finished product once I get the doors on:)


  1. You do love dogs and yours are very lovely. Please post another update of what happened to your box? :)

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