wrangel island

the new focus of my studies.... wrangel island... the last known home of the wooly mammoth !
although i will be examining the failed colonization of the island by the ill-fated 1921 Stefansson expedition, in which everyone but the Inuit seamstress, Ada Blackjack, and the expedition cat, Vic, died. Bringing together Stefansson's views on the Arctic + the morbid human fascination with disastrous expeditions. yay!

12-20 " of fluff arrived last weekend.

E and I went sledding last night, on the hill by the SRC. We got hot cocoa afterwards and I learned that the hill is only half of what it used to be. Someone hit a tree and died so the uni put in a fence, halving the hill to its present size. OK with me, sledding is still scary fast.


running errands

on my way to send off my abstract for the regional Phi Alpha Theta conference in Seattle, I saw this guy munching willows in the sunshine...

Look how beautiful it has been in Fairbanks the past few days! Bluebird skies, warm (ish) temps, and big soft aurora light shows at night.