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Fielding an Iditarod race team takes determination, hard work, dedication, a love of dogs, but above all, teamwork. The support and generosity of team sponsors makes it possible for Alaskan Kennels to field a top-level AKC registered Siberian Husky race team. Although there are different levels of sponsorship, we welcome contributions of all kinds. Whether you sponsor a dog, or just send some cookies our way, your contribution to the team is very much appreciated!

Help the team reach the start line of the 2017
Iditarod! Please consider becoming a Team Anadyr
Sponsor today! 
 1) VIA CASH DONATION   Click the picture of Frieda & Lovely below to make a quick, secure transaction through PayPal with your credit card or bank account. You do not need a PayPal account to use this option !  

2) VIA MAIL    Checks may be sent to:  Lisbet Skogen Norris P.O. Box 750689 Fairbanks, AK 99775

3) BOOTIE, CHECKPOINT, OR DOG SPONSORSHIPS. Select a level of sponsorship via the Team Anadyr Store. Team Sponsors are the recipients of select momentos & receive special recognition on the website.

4) VIA UNDERDOG FEEDS BY PHONE   To direct your sponsorship directly into the bellies of the team, give Underdog Feeds, my primary food supplier, a ring at (907) 373-6851. Let them know you would like to buy some kibble or contribute money directly to my account and they will make it happen. I feed my dogs a delicious mix of a premium commercial kibble called Underdog 30-22 and Bailey's Ground Farm Beef.

5) VIA PURCHASE OF TEAM GEAR  For those interested in supporting the team on a smaller scale, I have Team Anadyr 2016 Iditarod Merchandise and Gear available for sale. Click the Team Anadyr Store tab at top right.

Any amount is appreciated. All sponsors will be recognized for their contribution, and sent a token of thanks at the end of the season. 

Thank you so much for your generosity & support.

xoxo Lisbet & Team


2015-2016 Sponsors

Stephanie Mathers & Brent Rochus 

Thank you to the businesses, clubs, families and individuals who supported us in the 2014/2015 Race Season:  The Shadrach Family, Janet Balice, Mary Uhlir, Nancy Yoshida, Katie Shadrach, Tom Bennett, Aimee Ritter, Rodney Whaley, Grete Perkins, Molli Sipe, Mark Greene, Pauline Amplett, Marco Brudo, Nancy Yoshida, Scott Ewen, Andrea Phillips, SHC of Greater Detroit, Tom Maxwell, Suzanne Alexander, Jean Sweeney, North Jersey SHC, Kimberly Rayment, Rob Donaldson, Rocky Mountain SHC, Carrie Smolder, SHC of Anchorage Alaska, Lou Schrader, Staci Sipe, SHC of Delaware Valley Inc., Sylvia Feder, Jill Reedy, Gayle Cyra, Linda Bergen, Chris & Debbie Dearing, SHC of the Niagara Frontier, Pete & Donna Johnson, Philip Weidner/Fairview Inn, John Waskiewicz, Anne & Tony Oxley, John Soper, Donna Beckman, Northern California SHC, Bret & Patricia Johnson, Yankee SHC, Jamie West, Sebastian Fretz & Natalie Halbeisen, Jon & Jona Van Zyle, Alaska Fireplace.  xoxox

2014-2015 Sponsors

Many thanks to the many families, clubs, and individuals who supported us in the 2014/2015 Race Season:  
Tom Bennett, Travis Birk, Rodney Whaley, Sentha Bender, Rikke Bergendahl, Lene Halvorsen, Jo Kelly, Jason Carpenter, Barbara Ludwig, Bay Area Siberian Husky Club, Anne & Tony Oxley, Daisy Tharp, Mark Greene, Marco Brudo & Nadja Wittmann, Marty Cashen & Betsy Randall, Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club, Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit, Suzanne & Stuart Alexander, Susan Britt, Sidney & Ryan Hess, Valerie Barker, Molli Sipe, Rob Donaldson, Kevin Brown, Siberian Husky Club of Delaware Valley, North Jersey Siberian Husky Club, Siberian Husky Club of the Niagara Frontier, Norm Hayashi, The Felde & Rahn Families, Siberian Husky Club of Greater Chicago, Chesapeake Siberian Husky Club, Sacha Friederich, Jamie West & Harry Banks, Siberian Husky Club of Anchorage, Jean Sweeney, Sylvia Feder, Janet Sweeney & Scott Brown, Halvor Norris, The Smith & Sperger Families, Nies & Hyls Heeringa, Barry Santana, Gayle Cyra, Jill Reedy, Chris & Debbie Dearinger, Linda Bergen, Pete & Donna Johnson, Bret & Patty Johnson, Mark Greene, Kira & Karl-Heinz Wiebe, Elaine Dinneford, The Gardner Family, Katie Shadrach, The Rutherford Family, Northern Califorinia Siberian Husky Club, Richard Wee & Donna Beckman

2013-2014 Sponsors

Natalie Norris, Marlytuk Kennels, Rodney Whaley, Peak to Peak Working Dog Association, Martha Cashen & Betsy Randall, Pete & Donna Johnson, Scott Brown & Janet Sweeney, Jamie West, Brodie & Nick Kimmel, Nies and Hyls Heeringa, Pete & Donna Johnson, Carol Say, Brittany Retherford, Barbara & David Totten, Anna Schiering. Siobhan Barr, Mohammed Ali, Kortnie Horadovsky, Saskia Van Es, Jenni Hasa, Sidney Maxwell, Scott Brown & Janet Sweeney, John Stack, Britt Pedicord, Susan Haefner, Prajakta Prasana, Raymond Akridge, Anne & Tony Oxley, Joseph & Kim Smith, Hyls and Nies Heeringa, Stuart & Suzanne Alexander, Rodney Whaley, Jason Carpenter, Andreas In-Albon, Bob's Windshield Chip Repair, Jo Kelly, Molli Sipe, Chesapeake SHC, Rocky Mountain SHC, Ellen Fauerbach, Elaine Dinneford, John Gourley, Nies & Hyls Heeringa, Allison Athens, Asjbørg Skogen, Olav Skogen, Sylvia Feder, Hoarfrost River Huskies, Allison Lange, Karin Damstuen, Tom Bennet & Co., Eric & Gail Johnson, Tanya Marie Sanchez, Bella Roman, Phil McArdle, Staci Sipe, Donna Beckman & Richard Wee, Central North Carolina SHC, Northern California SHC, Bob & Pam Thomas, Marian O'Reilly, Julie Dekreon, Barry Santana, Susan Britt, Erik Kraai, Melissa Beers, Jason Carpenter via Lora Williams, Jånnå Swales, Stephanie Warpinski, Brenda Potter, Carolyn Martin, Becky Campbell, Mark & Kelly Fraser, Rob & Colleen Wolfe


  1. Linnea's coat and harnass taken care of ! xx

  2. Hi my name is Mel. My school in fourth grade we study the Iditarod and we pick a musher to learn about and I picked you Lisbet. I was going to sent you a letter but I don't know you address. :)