Sheep Mountain 300

Delivering drop bags at Sheep Mountain Lodge
Dinner the evening before race day.
sweet little cabins at Sheep Mountain Lodge
early morning mist on the mountain
sundog on the summit
sundog as seen on the decent from gunsight mountain
gunsight mountain
The team passing through Eureka. Pictured: Major, Fezzik, Jackie, Linnea & Daphne.

Traveling along the road a mile or so from Eureka Lodge. 
musher girl caravan-- sarah stokey & monica zappa ahead
We took a short break on the first leg.
Robber & Pete
what a day.
groomed trails and sunshine all the way to lake louise lodge.

Coming into Lake Louise #1
Getting the meal ready. 
Lake Louise Lodge.
Frigg & Wes
Mom watched the team while I napped.
Lisbet & Ruby; getting ready to leave.
Pelle, Lisbet & Papas
Booted up and ready to head towards Tolsona & Crosswind Lake.
Sunset on Lake Louise.
Day 2. The team resting at Tolsona.
Picking up supplies at Lake Louise before heading out to the remote camp & talking to Bernie Willis, Race Official and builder of my fantastic sled.
Lake Susitna & Lake Louise are giant. 
Bundled up.
Snack break at the mouth of the Tyone River.
Tyone River trail
Beautiful, twisty river trail. 
Lots of sidehills.
Sunset on the river.
Coming into Lake Louise Checkpoint #2.
Nice cool run into Lake Louise #2
Doc keeping an eye on the cook. 
Ready to leave Lake Louise for the final run back to Sheep Mountain Lodge. Ruby in single lead.
Super lead dog Ruby leading the team through icy overflow.
Headed towards Sheep Mountain Lodge. Christmas trees everywhere.
Running through Eureka.
First tracks on fresh groomed trail in Eureka.
Passing behind Eureka Lodge. 18 miles from the finish. 
Lead dog Ruby and Lisbet after a successful Sheep Mountain 300! 
Pictures taken by myself & superhandler Mom.


goose bay 150

We had a lovely time at the Goose Bay 150 this weekend! A big thank you to the Tug Bar for putting on such a fine race and to Kristin, Elliott & my parents for coming out to help! We had hot, sunny spring weather with fantastic green & red aurora saturday night. I took 12 dogs: Kozy, Victor, Linnea, Frigg, Fezzik, Wes, Jackie, Papas, Pelle, Robber, Major and Pete. This was the first long race for Wes, Fezzik, Jackie, Pelle, Robber & especially Pete, who just one week ago came into my training pool straight off of the Rondy team. Pete is a good, driven lead dog, and I was happy to have him, as I left my main leader Ruby at home. We had a good race... I took it easy and broke up the run both ways. We were the only team to do so on Day 1, but on Day 2 we met Monica Zappa headed the wrong direction and after convincing her we were headed the right way, we decided to shut down our teams together for an hour or so during the heat of the day. Robert Forto stopped as well and I thought it was nice to have some company on the trail.  I only got a little bit lost during the race, which, aside from finishing, was the best I was hoping for, considering the Big Lake labyrinth the race route navigated. I was really pleased & proud to be awarded the Humanitarian award at the banquet! It's a huge honor to be recognized for your dog care by your peers! 

This was the second of three races I need to qualify for Iditarod.... My final qualifier (knock on wood) will be next week: the Sheep Mountain 300.
hooking up: papas ready to go.
at the start line.
and we're off!
the big swamp before flathorn lake with the chugiak mountains on the horizon. 
a frosty morning gave way to a hot sunny afternoon
bright sun in the big lake swamp
crossing the road to the finish line. 
happy with my race.

here's a video with a sampling of the aurora we saw that night:

Thanks to Kristin & Mom for the start/finish photos.