Mushing with Anja

Monday morning. I loaded up 12 dogs and headed to Talkeetna to run dogs with my friend Anja.  We did a nice thirty mile loop, running along the Spur Road, crossing driveways, past giant satellite dishes, and onto a fine winter trail that takes off from the end of Comsat Road. -20F, winter sunlight filtered through the tops of the trees, the trail was twisty and hilly. We crossed two small creeks, went across a footbridge, and I saw one of the biggest cottenwoods I've ever seen in my life. We dropped down onto Fish Lake for an extra two miles on our way back. The skies were clear and at the far end of the lake we could see the jewels of the Alaska Range --Denali, Hunter, and Foraker-- dominating the landscape. Back again to the kennel, kibble treats for the dogs, hot cocoa for the girls :)

Mushing with Anja!
Bootie check. Eggs & his buddy in lead.

BIG cottenwood!

big mountains looking small through a lens. 

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