We had an ice storm a few weeks ago and lots of snow since. The trees are heavily loaded and are snapping in half over the trail left and right. I've started carrying a swede saw, tiger saw and an axe in my sled. Parts of the trail look like tree carnage, fresh fallen spruce lining parts of the more heavily forested routes. All the trail users on our system have been busy cutting as new trees fall several times a day (!). Kinda annoying, but I guess sometimes the musher needs exercise too.
Frigg looks at Tree 1, glad he's not the one who has to chop it out. He has more important things to do, like cry about Linnea (in heat) back behind him. 
Papas watching my slow progress. Need to get the ax sharpened!  
Papas, Ruby and Pete waiting patiently. Vader facing forward.
One second later...
Around the corner, three seconds later..... Tree 2.
A couple miles down the trail, tree 3. 

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