Aurora 50/50: Day 1

Day 1 of the Aurora 50/50. Two days, 55 mile heat each day.

On the roster:

We finished 18th of 20 teams with a total time of 6 hrs 7mins. Not too bad, considering our longest run up to this point has only been 35 miles. The dogs went out well. We held to our usual training speed 10-11 mph. After about 25 miles, the trail turned into a slog and our speed dropped. We didn't get passed until after we hit the halfway point at Flathorn Lake. As soon as we made up the bank off the lake, Dean Osmar, Robert Redington, Markus Ingebretsen and Kelly Maixner caught up and roared past. After 35 miles, we completed a 20 mile loop that dumped us back onto better trail. The dogs were a little tired by this point, but steady. We motored on. About 15 miles from the finish line, another group including Kristin Bacon and Ben Harper passed. Grant, Kelly Maixner's handler passed just after Burma Road and Vern Halter caught me in No Man's Land, two miles from the club house. The dogs did really good. 20 miles was a big jump for them. I feel confident they will do well tomorrow. The soft trail on the 20 mile loop should set up a bit tonight, making for easier going, but I don't expect our speed to improve; the dogs will be a little tired from Day 1. I'll take at least nine dogs out tomorrow. Frida decided her head wasn't in it for this distance mushing thing and will be dropped. Ruby seemed a little stiff at feeding and Goofy seemed a little tired. We'll see how they feel in the morning. The rest hopped about and ate voraciously (as usual). 

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