"UK Siberians prove they can go the distance"

Interesting article by the UK canine newspaper Dog World profiling Rob Cooke's recent success within the long distance racing format in North America. They also put forth the argument that Rob's performance is going a long way to disprove the assumption that, due to the lack of distance races in the UK, Siberians there are turning into a "sprint racing animal."
"The Siberian Huskies running on Rob’s Quest team wouldn’t look out of place on the trail or show ring in the UK and their performance earlier this year proved yet again that well-constructed Siberians can and do go the distance. It isn’t really surprising Rob’s dogs look so familiar to us as six members of the Quest team have a British mum and their all-American or Canadian teammates have relatives who have made the reverse journey across the Atlantic to run our short races as happily and effectively as their cousins eat up the miles on long distance trails."
Well, a good dog's a good dog. Read on:


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