Fireweed Jelly

My fireweed jelly experiment.  Turned out fantastic! I think it's best on a cracker with cream cheese & a slice of jalapeño pepper :)
1. Collect fireweed flowers
Buds at the top are ok.
The recipe I used. 
2. Assemble ingredients. From what I've gathered, it's important to use powered as opposed to liquid pectin otherwise the jelly won't set properly. As it was, it still took 2 days for my jelly to set because, as you can see from the picture, my pectin was three years expired... oops. Still worked though. 
8 cups of packed fireweed blossoms.
3. Sanitize jars. Soap, water, boil, whatever you do to ensure the jelly is going into nice clean jars. 
4. Add water until water level is just below the top of flowers & boil until the blossoms are a sickly pale grey. 
Boiling out the color & flavor of the blossoms results in this beautiful deep hued purple liquid. 
5. Strain. I didn't have cheesecloth so I improvised w a flour sifter.
Add assembled ingredients and boil.
Can & Process.
Ta dah!  The finished product.
Alaskan Summer in a jar. 

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