Thank you Els !!


A big thank you to Els van Lierop for sponsoring my sweet little Linnea!!  Els has sponsored Linnea for the upcoming race season plus purchased the booties Linnea needs for Iditarod! 

Els has been a friend & supporter of Alaskan Kennels for many, many years. If you are interested in sled dog/Siberian history, take a look at her fantastic website: http://www.kolymakennels.com/page8.html There she has put together many interesting stories & histories, especially regarding Kolma Kennels' role in the history of the Siberian Husky and mushing in the Netherlands and rest of Europe. 

Thank you so much for your support Els!   

xoxo  Lisbet & Linnea 

A little about Linnea
Linnea is the smallest dog in the team, weighing in at about 30lbs. Sweet but shy, Linnea takes awhile to warm up to strangers, but soon proves herself to be quite the charmer. Sweetness aside, Linnea is a tough little lady. Although small, she is very well proportioned. She's a wicked fast trotter and has no trouble keeping up with the rest of the team. She gets along with all other dogs and is a particular favorite of mine for walks in the woods. Linnea is also the mama to the Solstice puppies born this July. With constant rain and no chance to escape, she got tired of her puppies last week and has since moved back into the dog lot alongside the rest of her teammates :)

Ruby & Linnea in lead, blue time on the Yentna River
Two of my favorite girls on the river at daybreak. 
Linnea & Ruby in late November sun.
Pea & Linnea on a spring walk. 

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