spring skis

Winter has stuck around a bit longer than usual this year. The snow on the trails is now too rotten to run large teams of dogs--- hooks won't hold. So instead of running three or four dog teams on familiar trails, I've been taking ski trips into the woods and letting the dogs run loose. We make our own trails. There is upwards of four feet of snow in the woods still, crusted over and hard. The overflow on the lakes has risen and frozen, leaving half an inch to an inch of snow to ski on--just perfect. I laugh watching the dogs explore and try not to tip over.

Pea, Leo & Robber in the woods.
Most of my spills occur trying to take pictures of the dogs.
Robber in the evening sunshine.
Pea and Robber chasing me down the hill; poor Leo struggles to catch up.  
Poodle in the woods. 
Goofy girl. 
Sunset in the swamp.
fell over backwards on a hill and got myself stuck pretty good. i guess Robber thought i took too long to get up... he made himself a nest under a tree and went to bed...

cool burls in the old growth forest.
sweet little Linnea. The smallest dog on my team, ~30 lbs. 
Lisbet & Pea
Alpenglow on the distant Talkeetna Mts.
Group photo: Lisbet, Pea, Linnea, & Leo

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