breaking trail

Some pictures from one of our last training runs before the Sheep Mountain 300. 2 feet of new snow, fresh trail & a bit of sunshine made for a really nice, fun run. I was proud of how well the dogs did in the deep snow... good honest workers, the whole lot. I had Robber in lead with Ruby. He is a Kozy son and always impresses me with his good cheer & work ethic. He has not had much experience in lead, but from what I can tell---he loves it! He seems like a natural leader... very forward oriented, automatically lines out. When I stop and make my way up to the front of the team, he jumps up for a hug, happy in the moment.

Ruby & Robber
L-shaped Lake
Leaders Robber & Ruby
Silly boys Victor & Pete in swing
Brothers: Pelle & Papas
Sweet little girls Daphne & Linnea
Major & Jackie
Big boys Frigg & Doc in wheel.
Taking a break by Ruth Lake. 12 happy dogs.
Haw!  Good dogs! 
Ruby at rest.
Patient Pete. 
and the musher... representing Team Skogen (the 1984 Anadyr Iditarod Team)

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