I got a new pet this week--- a yearling named Pea. Found unexpectedly in her mom's dog house one morning last winter, Pea has always been a little "special." She is the sweetest thing. She's very touchy, very clumsy, likes to snuggle and use her paws to pet you. She and her peers were recently harness-broken and it was clear Pea did not have the coordination gifted to the rest of the bunch. So, she's going to make the move from outside dog to inside dog. I need a companion. We went for a ski and I had Pea off-leash.. She's very attentive and sticks right by my side--- a Siberian that sticks around ?!  Very special indeed.
Princess & her Pea
Pea as a puppy
Yearling Pea.
Lisbet & Pea
Leo & Pea, out for a walk.

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