I am very pleased & excited to announce a new partnership for the 2014-2015 Race Season between Team Anadyr and a longstanding member of the Alaskan business community: 3M of Alaska.

3M has long been a supporter of Iditarod. It is 3M reflective material wrapped on the tens of thousands of Iditarod trail stakes, allowing us to see the trail regardless of weather conditions or daylight.

Now they have focused their involvement in the Alaskan mushing community by partnering with Anadyr Siberians.

Team Anadyr's newest partner in our journey towards Iditarod 2015 is a globally innovative company whose recognizable brand is associated world-wide with quality and ingenuity. 3M is supportive of local communities and environmental sustainability, two factors that are extremely important to me. 

A leading force in the world market, 3M produces thousands of innovative & helpful products -- many of which I use to help get me down the trail in a safe and productive manner. Traveling by dog team safely & productively translates to efficiency, which ultimately, leads to success!

Last year, 3M kept me from losing my team in a whiteout, kept my gear and equipment safe, kept my dog food protected from the Alaskan wilderness, & helped heal my dogs on the go.  Stay tuned... I'll elaborate how in upcoming highlights of 3M products that I have found invaluable to my mushing success.

We are very excited about this partnership... Thank you for your support 3M, and again, welcome to the team !!

The Alaska branch recently hosted me in their branch office to celebrate the kick-off of our partnership for the 2014-2015 Race Season.
To learn more about global innovation & 3M, check out their website:  www.3m.com
To read about 3M's vision of sustainability visit: www.3M.com/sustainability 

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