2015 Iditarod Fundraising Print

The 2015 Team Anadyr Iditarod Fundraising Print has arrived!  Beautifully executed by renowned Alaskan wildlife artist David Totten, this exclusive print is now available for your collection!  There are only 17 of these exclusive Artist Proof prints available, out of a run of 20.  They are priced at $200 each.* Prints can be framed upon request, contact me for pricing.

CLICK HERE TO SHOP:   http://lisbetnorris.blogspot.com/p/store.html?m=1#!/2015-Iditarod-Fundraising-Print-Artists-Proof-Edition/p/39512557/category=6504478

Renowned Alaskan wildlife artist, David Totten. 

*does not include shipping. 


  1. Great read, really enjoyed this! I've recently discovered the great work that Tony Charalambides and the team at Listen Fundraising are doing. They have set a target to raise £20,000 for the Damilola Taylor trust. If they meet the target, Listen Fundraising will match every penny and donate it to the trust. If you haven't already heard then the trust was at the point of closure in September, so this money could really help!

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