Gear Tips from Brent Sass


Some good tips here.  As for me, I am a fan of Bernie Willis sleds, Mountain Ridge booties & my mother who makes my sled bag, dog jackets, and parkas. I believe in natural fibers over synthetic and wear mostly wool on the trail, top to bottom. I don't use an iPod because I feel it insulates me from my team and the world around me and I don't use an axe, I use a Sámi knife from northern Norway.

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  1. Hi Lisbet, I think that you are doing great in many areas. The more of your writing I read the better I understand you and what you are doing.
    Question: " I don't use an axe, I use a Sámi knife" Tell me about your Sami knife (size specs etc) Do you mean to just chop frozen meat or everything. I am a knife collector and this comment cought my attention Tanks for your time to reply.
    I wish success and fortune in your future. - Bill