The dogs and I have spent the last two weeks recovering from the big race…. My frostbit nose & cheeks are ruddy, but back to regular size. The Iditarod dogs are frisky and powerful, hardened as only 900+ trail miles can do. They have been going out on small skijor trips with me as often as time & weather allows. We have been experiencing fantastic spring weather…The sun shining bright, throwing sparkles on the snow….bluebird skis and narrow trails beckoning, the dogs howling to run & my skis calling my name. It has felt absolutely criminal to be inside on the computer…… As a result, I have been absent from the Internet basically since the beginning of March (!). I apologize for my slow responses & to those who have been waiting to hear about my Iditarod experience. I’ve used this time out with my dogs to reflect on my race and focus on the future. With lots of cloudy weather in the forecast, I expect I will begin work on my account of the 2014 Iditarod this week. In the meantime, please enjoy this interview with Greg Sellentin of Mushing Magazine. In between work & ski tours with the Iditarod dogs, I found time (after sundown of course) to meet with Greg & record a podcast in which I recount some of my trail experiences. Snippets of our interview will also appear in the next issue of Mushing Magazine. Hope you get at least some amusement from it!

xo Lisbet & Team 

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