snowshoe mt. ski tour

Last Saturday I headed up into the Talkeetna Mountains with four dogs & my friend Mike. It was a grey day with low cloud cover. The plan was to skijor with two dogs as far into the mountains as time & weather allowed. The temps were mild, around freezing, and fresh snow had fallen a few days prior, making for a nice trail. The trail starts at the end of Yoder Road in Talkeetna and gradually climbs through forest and alpine meadows until it tops out above treeline at "the rock," 7 miles from the trailhead. From there, we climbed the ridgeline up onto what we think was Snowshoe Mountain. I'm guessing we went 3-5 miles past the rock before we decided big ridge #2 would be our "summit." Then we turned around & headed back down the mountain towards a big rock I had scouted as a potential lunch stop on the way up. We cruised down the mountainside, floating on fresh powder while the dogs loped alongside in packed snowmachine tracks. A brisk breeze kicked up & although we were partially sheltered by the big rock, we (humans) grew a bit chilled. We refueled on coffee, chocolate & avocado sandwiches, and then, dreaming of warm socks and hot tea, headed back down the mountainside.  As soon as we dropped below treeline, the temperature spiked and we skied comfortably back to the cars.  Comfortably, temperature-wise anyway. I did a pretty big faceplant coming down a moguly hill that wasn't so comfortable, but besides that, had a fantastic day!

Fezzik, Robber, Lisbet, Papas & Victor at "the rock," 7 miles up trail.
Talkeetna mts.
Mike with Papas & Fezzik
Up into the grey. 
Robber supervises as Mike mcgyvers my broken ski binding.
Lunch rock.
Fezzik & Papas resting in the heather. 
Robber is a mama's boy....
Cruising back down the mountain.
Heading back down the ridge.

beautiful country.
a lovely grey day. 

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