race prep: ECGs

Victor lounging in his dog box. 
Ruby, ready for her blood draw. 

Jan Bullock, head vet tech for Iditarod, attempting to find a vein on Frigg. His coat was so dense, the were unable to locate the vein and had to pull the samples from his leg. According to Jan, being the efficient Arctic animals they are, Siberians tend to have thick coats and tiny veins; good for northern travel, not so good for the vet techs!

Emily Krol, professional ECG handler, Papas, and Lisbet

Hooray, finally got some blood out of Frigg!

Robber being a VERY good boy! He also had to have blood drawn from his leg.

Emily and Frigg on the ECG table.

Would have taken twice as long without Franzi s efficient German help!

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