lynx lake loop

More paddling.  Went out and did the Lynx Lake loop in the Nancy Lake SRA this weekend. Bluebird skies & light breeze. I did this loop at girl scout camp 15 years ago. What took us 3 days then took me 4 hours yesterday. Crazy.

My T-shirts should be coming back from the screenprinter this week. I'm excited and hoping they will help generate some support for the team. I'm also working on my Dog page. I'll have several new additions to my training pool this fall, and they are all available for sponsorship. I'll get some pictures and links up shortly; in the meantime, if you are interested in sponsoring a dog for the upcoming racing season, please contact me directly at lisbet@underdogfeeds.com. Your help is very much appreciated!

Coming soon... my name reveal for the Linnea pups!

portage signs.
a girl & her boat.
iphone doubles as a periscope... there's the water bottle !
my trusty map.
a beautiful day.
a portage on boardwalk.
grassy  bog.
the last portage. 

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