home again.

Happy to be home again!  I had a fantastic time in Scandinavia. The wedding in Northern Norway was absolutely beautiful and the puppy girls I picked up in Finland from Jenni Hasa are super sweet and made for great hiking companions on our trip back down to southern Norway.  I have lots of pictures from the trip I am looking forward to going through and sharing.  A big thank you to all my friends and family who hosted, fed and cared for us along the way, and an especially big thank you to Rikke Bergendahl for taking care of Rusja and Wiluna for a few days so Allison and I could see the "big city" (Oslo), and for taking us to the airport. You made life 100x easier!

3 weeks old; the Solstice puppies are motoring around and feeling feisty now!
Fat little boy.
New "town shoes" aka shoes not covered in dust, grass &  ??? . 
Phenomenal Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn McCarthy show in downtown Palmer, AK. 
Summer in AK = Amazing sunsets
Robber before brushing... Many of the dogs are just now shedding out their fine thick winter coats. 
Pile of fur I plucked off of Robber this morning. Did not bother to take an "after" as he looked pretty much the same....
Ruby, all shed out, is looking sleek & leggy! She has a beautiful grey summer coat now. 
Ruby, Phyllite, and Victor
Major loves to talk. Uncle to Rusja & Wiluna, the girls I brought back from Finland. 
Happy to get home and see my Solstice babies!

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