summer days

Summer has arrived in full swing, bringing with it record hot temperatures and swarms of mosquitos. I've been working hard--- at the store, on the blog, planning the Willow Dog Musher's Symposium, keeping up with the dog lot, watering the dogs as needed (twice a day on some of these 80F+ days) and  of course, drinking beer. Kristin and I went swimming the other day in her pond...although if I had had it my way, I would have taken my clothes off first.... I kinda fell in..... but it felt fantastic !

I was in Talkeetna last weekend... it was over 90F while I was there (!!). I picked up my t-shirt design from Dave Totten... I am really excited about it!  I just have to go visit the printer and place my order. Went swimming in Talkeetna too (intentionally this time). It's really the only thing you can do to combat 90+ degrees. The ponds and lakes heat up and feel absolutely lovely. That's AK summers for ya.

I'm traveling to Norway next week for the wedding of my best friend Eline, and will also pick up two yearling girl dogs in Northern Finland. My friend Allison is coming with me. She's never been to Norway, so I get to play tour guide. We plan on doing lots of hiking, and I think it's going to be really fun to have the dogs along :)  Gleder meg skikkelig!

Flowers have started appearing.
Gabby on a hot summer day. 
Downtown Willow. 
Pea at the Aurora Dog Musher's clubhouse.
Backseat driver.
What a horrifying sight to wake up to. 

What autocorrect suggests when I try and type "Iditarod." hmmmmmm
Oh my gosh I am so happy here because I figured out where the window screens were and installed them.  Life is good again.
I just can't get over how super cute Pea is when inside a vehicle. 


  1. Åååå! Jeg vil til Alaska om sommeren! Kanskje neste sommer :) gleder meg til å se deg igjen nå :)

  2. Du är FÖR vacker!

    And hope to meet you this summer!