at work

Pea at work.
Pea has parti-colored eyes.
We carry the full line of Alaska Mill & Feed Animal Foods---made right here in AK.

Bailey Farm's Beef --- honestly the best beef available !
Fuels some of the best sled dogs in the world -- distance & sprint.
The photo is black & white, but we do have every color rope you can imagine... fuchsia to neon green and everything in between !
16 strand is the "new normal" Sorry 8 strand fans. 
We carry the full line of Taiga Harnesses---made in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Made-in-AK collars.... the most durable long lasting collars you can get----guaranteed ! 
Team Anadyr is powered by Underdog 30-20 and Bailey's beef. The dog on the label is Norm. 
Dogs love pig ears!
My girl Wilma.... on display for the summer. 

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