swamp girls

80F and sunny yesterday after work. I felt like taking a walk, so I grabbed my boots and ice water and  trudged around in the swamps and woods north of the house with Pea and Linnea for a couple hours. We came around the backside of L-shaped lake and surprised a pair of loons. The air rising off the swamp moss was so warm and the lake looked so cool and refreshing, but a dip will have to wait for a couple weeks as the lake is literally cold as ice.

Linnea & Pea

one of our winter training trails.
Linnea dips her toes into L-shaped lake.
swamp girls
a lovely bog.
found some bear poop. reminded me that our neighbor got charged by a mama bear on the other side of the lake a few years ago. will be bringing bear spray next time.
 ice deep in the woods.
Pea ripping around.

good girls.
look what i found!  a shed moose antler, not far from home so i carried it back.


  1. thats not bear poop its from a moose, bear poop is black (and not hard like that) and often you can see old berries in it.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Trust this Alaskan girl-- it's bear poop! I can take a picture of some moose poop for you if you want a comparison? If you have the stomach for it, you can google "bear poop" and see some similar specimens :) Actually, go ahead and google "moose poop" while you are at it :D