race is on

We got enough snow for the Alaska Excursions race!!

We've been doing some longer training runs this week in preparation. Heavy snowfall this week has made for slow punchy trails, so four hours of hard work doesn't get us too far mileage-wise -- but the dogs are getting quality training time on the sled, which is just as if not more important. I am running the race as a regular training run. There is no better practice for racing than participating in a race!  I am looking forward to the passing practice, hoping my dogs behave themselves and stay on the right side of the trail and out of any other teams. Since September, I've only met three teams and a neighbor on a snow machine while out training, so this will be great experience for the dogs.  The temperature is starting to drop so hopefully the trail sets up nicely! Wish me luck.  

For more info or to follow along, check out the AK Excursions FB page:  http://www.facebook.com/alaskaexcursions120

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