late november update

The late November sun lights up the trees. They are liquid gold, and alpenglow paints the mountains pink. I love the blue moments before the sun sets, a moment that stretched on for hours above the arctic circle in Norway, but lasts only a short time here. Unlike the far north, we have the sun all year. Even so, the light is short and treasured. It is a special time of year. Behind the dog team, I savor the sun on my face, a feeling I have only captured on the weekends lately. The puffs of cloud the dogs make with their breath turns to frost on my ruff. I drive the team with the snowmachine, bumping through the forests of hoarfrost in the swamps, easing over roots and stumps in the forest, and hope for more snow. We are doing a 20 mile run, one rough loop. This weekend we'll go camping again, and I hope to explore the trail system south of us.

Rask. Eating necklines when not in lead.
Wes and Tuffy
Moon rising over the Talkeetna mts.
Frosty grass
Linnea looking cute and Ruby being... Ruby.
Lead dog Sleepy (ha!) and Kozy
November sun.

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