Everest, always photogenic.

Everest in the cranberry plants.

The sun is low and the air is crisp. We finally had a good hard frost last night. A clear night sky with just a hint of northern lights. Still no snow here, so it's very dark at night. In less than a month, the sun will dip below the horizon until mid January. The puppies and I are enjoying the sunshine while we have it and looking forward to Mørketida (The Dark Time). Many people say it is the most beautiful time of year, that an ethereal blue light covers the land during daytime hours.

A few images from my walk along the river with the puppies yesterday:

Playing on the river bank.

Denali in the dirt.

Ellie, the newest addition at Canyon Huskies.

Lots of light here.

Cilla pup #2 (needs name) and Elbrus.

Everest, always photogenic.

Always something interesting to find down by the river !

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