cinnamon steamers

one almost forgotten detail of my time as an undergraduate student, reminding me of the winter K spent in Fairbanks.

i wish i had been more profuse when it came to writing, but journaling has been placed on the back burner these past few years. posts appeared only as last-resort procrastination tactics, or now and then emerged during vacation time.

now that i have a year free, i hope to be more diligent. for my own sake, to remind me later of how lucky i am to be enjoying Alta, unburdened by financial or scholarly responsibilities, focusing on doing what makes me happy. I am still recieving an education, but one of my choosing. I am feeding an inherited addiction, setting myself up for the future, digging in deep.... and i love it. i have goals and purpose for the winter, fresh bread at my fingertips and cold milk in the fridge. much to be thankful for.

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