rooster tails

it's easy to forget about pending essays when you're floating through the trees on two feet of new powder. i have this great tiredness in my body now -from doing something physical outside in the cold- the best kind of tired, i think. charlotte and i were very lucky to come home to dinner on the table, some spicy pasta jago cooked up. i shared my flatbrød, not as good as besta's but pretty good nonetheless. 
it's been a full day, although not of schoolwork, which it should have been... however, i had a good talk with a friend, real breakfast, good cheap chocolate, snow down my shirt in my hat, and a warm white bed.
i'm glad i carted my snowboard over the atlantic. these past few days i've been regretting it, but after today i've lost all doubts. it's a foreign thought now. even if i don't set foot on my board until next season, today on the mainland was completely worth dragging that awkward giant gear bag through tiny train doors, heaving it onto carts and wedging it into small cars.
it's been snowing all week, and the forecast predicts more of the same. now i have a reward to look forward to when i get my essays done (!).

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