broken computer

My computer is broken so I won't be on skype for a while. It was being very slow ("treg") for about a week and now the keyboard doesn't work so I took it in to the local mac store (eplehuset). They are not authorized mac repair people so they have to mail my computer to Trondheim or Oslo.
The loss of my computer is both good and bad: I gain a little free time, but I lose a personal computer to type my essays on, so I will be handwriting and typing at school I think.
Apart from the loss of my favorite way to waste time, I had a really nice walk in town today. The forecast proved accurate and it is beautiful sunny and blue out. I ran errands and sat in the library drinking Solo. I had planned on studying, but I found a Nemi comic book at my seat, so I read that and when the library closed at four, I walked home.

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