sun on our face, wind at our back

So said Besta (in norwegian), when we went for our ski yesterday. It is so beautiful here in Vågå during Påsketid! There is masses of snow here, probably almost 2 meters. It has been blowing hard though, enough to drift in the road that Onkel Kåre has plowed with his tractor up to Besta's.

My trip to Spain is coming together. I've spent all day at the computer putting in requests on couchsurfing.com and looking at bus and tog schedules. I'm planning on seeing Girona, Barcelona, and Valencia. I'm pretty sure I have places to stay the entire trip, just waiting for some confirmations. :)

Planning for this trip is just whetting my appetite for more travels. Besta and I played Idiot with a set of cards Guro brought back from North Carolina, and now I want to drive/bike the Blue Ridge Parkway which was featured on the front/back of the playing cards. I've put that down on my list alongside seeing Arizona, New York, the prarie, and Maine. And that's just within the U.S...

My UA Scholars is tying me to Alaska for the next few years, but that's not such a bad place to be either. I'm thinking about taking another exchange option, but I'll have to see how that's fits into my plans for a degree. I guess the first step is picking a degree... (northern studies, history, anthropology, geography???)

God Påske! On the schedule for tomorrow: a ski tour, åsne, and a visit to ingrid og jorid

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  1. I'd go biking along the Blue Ridge Parkway with you anytime (or hiking)

    Wanna hitch hike Norge rundt next summer? without spending any money at all? I've seen it done, it's possible :)
    we could polish stairs on Hurtigruta and ride for free, and ask for food expiring the next day at restaurants, cafè's, grocery stores etc.
    I've got it all planned!! :D