but now i'm gold

I visited Tromsø Villmarkssenter today looking for a part-time job, maybe shoveling poop or something, and got offered a full-time handler position. Effective as soon as possible. I would not call myself experienced in any way, but I guess being born into dogs is major points in Tore and Tove's book. I think I am pretty lucky to be raised the way that I was (thanks mom and dad) because I have a pretty good selling point in the world of dog mushing. I come from good stock!
I've been weighing the pro's and con's of accepting the full time handler position, here's the run-down:

Pro: good money                       Con: not enough time to study?
Pro: free food and housing      Con: Have to move from cozy Åsgårdveien
Pro: 3 days a week off      Con: Have to use those days to attend class
     Con: No freedom to go ______ whenever I want

I think I'm going to work part-time until I can get an idea of how much time per week I should be spending on my classes, and then maybe I'll consider moving to Kvaløya.

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