** SOLD ** framed print

A big thank you to Dave & Barb Totten at Wildlife North Art Gallery! Dave put an original remarque on the remaining Artist's Proof print and to top it all off, put a beautiful frame on it.

The frame, lightly tinted blue, and dark blue matting combine to bring out the rich colors of the print, especially Major's sweet little blue booties. Lots of bold primary colors for a winter scene! Yellow straw, blue boots & red harnesses :) Love it.  It's signed by myself & Dave.

All proceeds go directly towards my Iditarod run. In fact, they'll probably go straight towards booties. I need a couple thousand booties. Booties cost $1 each.

The framed print with original remarque is available for $300 (that's 300 booties!) and can be purchased here:


It costs $35 to ship within the US. If you live outside the states and are interested in the print, contact me and I can get you a shipping quote.

Close up.

Original remarque.

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