season goals

Soo.. it's been a busy week at Alaskan Kennels! We entered three teams in the Alaska Excursions 120 and I entered my team in the Knik 200 and (thanks to my employer and main sponsor Underdog Feeds) the Northern Lights 300.

I have two main goals this season:

1) Complete successfully in several mid-distance races in Alaska. This being my rookie racing season in Alaska, successful is determined first by a healthy dog team and musher, second by standing. 

2) Qualify for Yukon Quest and/or Iditarod.  

As a team, we have a lot to learn. We need to learn to camp. We need to outfit ourselves properly for the Alaskan winter. We need to eat properly, and we need to learn our limits.  This season will be all about experimentation but most of all, FUN.

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