Hi from Fairbanks

I've moved into my Ballaine hill cabin with Elliott and our new poodle puppy Leo, and am enjoying the simplicity of urban life. Semi-urban anyway. Our cabin is dry, without running water or a toilet. This is normal for Fairbanks.  When I say "urban," I mean life revolving around weekends and work in the city. No sled dogs to tend to, not yet, anyway. I am happy with life in Fairbanks right now. I am only working 60-70% and feel like I have the down time to get caught up with things on my off days. I am working on maintaining a clean cabin and installing flower beds in my "backyard," a cleared section of the woods behind the cabin. I am meeting up with old friends and finishing up winter knitting projects. I forgot how beautiful Fairbanks is. Purple hills and big skies. The leaves are losing the tint of spring and the thermometer is regularly hitting 70 degrees. I am grateful for time to reconnect with friends and loved ones, time to plan floating and fishing trips, and time to go out and play.

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