Inland and Finland

Yesterday Eline and I went to Juhl's silver gallery in Kautokeino to go xmas shopping and to Finland to buy beer and groceries. fun trip with snow in the high country, race recaps and girl talk in the car. picked up a few christmas gifts and a set of souvenir silver earrings for myself :) It isn't often I do something other than train dogs and walk puppies...unfortunately I forgot the sd card for my camera, a shame, because the silver galley was a work of art in itself.. Half of the building is designed to look like a snowdrift. Inside, there is a room that shares a glass wall with a chicken coop. Old style sheep in the back yard and loads of beautiful things in the shop. The basement is inspired by Afghanistan, filled with Persian carpets, mosaics and fair trade goods from central Asia. Not what I expected to find in Kautokeino!

today i ran dogs all day in the rain, then after dinner it turned to SNOW ! yay! finally. hope it sticks but it has been above freezing all day.

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