ADMA Dog Mushers Symposium

This year the symposium corresponds with a particularly intensive political season! Murkowski and Miller have huge garish booths downstairs. I have a booth upstairs for Underdog Feeds, my parent's feed and mushing supply store. Miller's table has a big backdrop of Miller's head superimposed on a musher going under the burled arch in Nome. Really. This is probably the first year there has been POLITICAL booths at the symposium. A little out of place. But I figured that if they are going to get political I might as well join in; it only seemed fair to have some Democratic representation.

I am not a outwardly political person. I did feel a little self conscious about having that sign at the front of my booth. I thought people maybe think I am selling collars for mcadams, not selling meat for underdog feeds. But I'm glad I did it.

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