rein løp

This past Sunday, I went down to the city center with Alina and Kamila to watch the Norwegian Championship in reindeer racing. They closed down the main pedestrian street and covered it with snow in order to hold the races. Unfortunately, they were charging 50-100 NOK to stand next to the fence, so I found a vantage point a little farther away. Can you imagine someone charging to see the Iditarod or Fur Rondy? 
The racers had one reindeer each pulling them on skis, there were two racers at a time. It took only about 16 seconds for the reindeer to run the length of the main street! The announcer said that reindeer can reach speeds up to 70 kmh/43 mph!
It was raining and blowing, so we only stayed for a few sets, as they had 5-8 minute intervals between each start, we were getting cold and Kamila was bored. But if you put aside the rain, cold, and fines, it was pretty awesome!

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